Puerto Rico Voices #6…

15 Aug

“I think we need to change the government (in Puerto Rico) and we’re going to do that soon. Everyone is going to vote for statehood…”

Puerto Rico Voices #5

12 Aug

“I believe I would I be a bad American if I didn’t support independence for Puerto Rico,” said Robert Rabin (a Boston native who has lived in Vieques for the past 35 years and played a major role in the movement to kick the U.S. Navy out of Vieques)...

Puerto Rico Voices #4

11 Aug

This beautiful little Boricua told me today on the ferry to Vieques that “Puerto Rico has to change…by meeting God.”

Puerto Rico Voices #3

9 Aug

Carlos is a Puerto Rican who returned to the island after a successful career in New York City. He used every dime he had to launch his tour business which is doing really well. There are success stories here in Puerto Rico. Don’t let the American media mislead you…

Puerto Rico Voices #2

8 Aug

He says he’s got a good job on the island and that there are plenty of jobs out there. He wants you to know that the water crisis in Puerto Rico is the biggest problem they have right now…

Puerto Rico’s Voices #1 –

8 Aug

She is a single mother in a small town in Puerto Rico. She can’t find a job and she’s scared. She puts on a brave face but is also very worried about the severe drought on her island; resulting in mandatory days when the water is shut off…

Weary times in Puerto Rico

4 Aug

I’m in Puerto Rico right now (8/4/15) and my island seems sad, frustrated and tired. From the moment I landed at the airport, I could see and feel a sense of despondency. Between the economic collapse and the current water crisis, our fellow Boricuas are suffering here in Borinquen and it shows in the infrastructure and on their faces.

I chose to travel here during these traumatic times because I want to help my people. I will be traveling around the island for the next 10 days asking them to share their stories – their pleas and pride. Follow my journey on my Facebook page, Newyoricangirl News & Views where I will share video clips of our conversations daily.

In the meantime, please hope for rain here and say a prayer for Puerto Rico. NEWYORICANGIRL


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