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I’m a Puerto Rican girl from the South Bronx who survived a violent childhood that included rape, child abuse, severe family dysfunction and painful assimilation; surviving and thriving to become an award-winning journalist, author and trained Hispanic advocate.

I now speak openly about my PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) diagnosis as a way to eradicate the negative stigma associated with mental health issues. As a victim of childhood rape, I remain dedicated to helping survivors in any way I can.

As a graduate of four leadership programs, I’m determined to change the negative stereotype of who we are as Puerto Ricans, specifically in the social media public square and within the halls of Congress.  

I’ve been appointed by Governors and befriended by politicos – all well aware of my advocacy for Puerto Rico and my people.

As Puerto Rico now struggles to rebuild after the devastation of Hurricane Maria, I’m focused on the issue of mental health services for it’s victims and especially for our children in crisis.

I wrote my memoir, “NEWYORICANGIRL…Surviving my Spanglish Life,” as a way to enlighten, educate and empathize with my fellow survivors. It’s the story of my journey to overcome severe trauma, the scars of painful assimilation and life-altering abuse. I’m proud my book has been featured as a “Top 10 Great Latino Read” by Latinas for Latino Literature (see above).

I’m available for speaking engagements (book clubs, advocacy events, school gatherings, keynote speaking, etc.) and would appreciate your invitation and support. Please sign up here to receive my latest postings.  Peace be with you.   NEWYORICANGIRL
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