NEWYORICANGIRL asks “Where’s the Love for Puerto Rico?” via Huff Post Latino Voices…

19 Oct

Huff Post Latino Voices: “Where’s the Love for Puerto Rico?”

An open letter to Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez and Rosie Perez:

This Boricua LOVES all of you and is so proud of your success. BUT, I’m shocked not to have heard from any of you regarding the VERY dire situation in Puerto Rico. If you haven’t heard, the island’s economy is collapsing and many people are fleeing the island after losing their homes, their jobs and their homeland. More than 50% of the children living in Puerto Rico live in poverty and go hungry every, single day. 

NOW is the right time to hear from any one of you to lead our people to a better place. Use your star power to rally the people in demanding that Congress provide the financial assistance that Puerto Rico needs RIGHT NOW. Coordinate a political rally in Washington, D.C. so that President Obama can be held accountable for his complete abandonment of his fellow legal American citizens. Or, collaborate on a song for Puerto Rico! Anything, but do SOMETHING!!

If you found the time to take to your stages and your Twitter accounts to stand with Mexico when the Donald made annoying statements, then WHY aren’t you doing the same for your OWN gente? Please step up Marc and Ricky and Jennifer and Rosie. We support you and have helped you amass your celebrity mega wattage. Now please support us and help Puerto Rico keep the lights on.  NEWYORICANGIRL

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4 Responses to “NEWYORICANGIRL asks “Where’s the Love for Puerto Rico?” via Huff Post Latino Voices…”

  1. Dr. Rex October 19, 2015 at 7:11 pm #

    Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Very well said!! I totally agree ….

    • Victor Balbin October 26, 2015 at 4:30 am #

      Thank you so much Julia Torres.. Thanks for being a voice….. Thanks for creating awareness. I wish there were more like you over there and here, on the Island Of Enchantment……………. Sometimes, I as a San Juanero, cant understand any of it…..We are surrounded by a bunch of us, that I don’t know what to call “us”……………………………………………. We have probably went super over the AY BENDITO spirit,,… …………We are surrounded by a bunch of people here, that prefer talking bad about the island….. I am in a constant struggle and discussion about this.
      I argue with them about living in the greatest place in the world, and if you don’t like it, LEAVE but don’t talk bad about the island.
      I know and see around me thousands of hard working BORICUAS,. They go to school, They work, They drive nice cars and live in nice homes, They eat at fancy restaurants and yes,they will go to the Ricky Martin concert,,,,, Tickets are all sold out and a second concert is opening,,,, Marc Anthony, was here with his Gozadera concert… I guess he saw everybody “gozando” and assumed that we are okay….. Anyway, there are so many wonderful things happening, that it`s difficult to understand all this talk about “Bancarrota….. We are so entertained with these lousy politicians and idiotic mass media people, that most of the people, prefer knowing about Maripily and how many got killed last weekend…. It`s terrible,,,, and now to add pain to the injury, they are adding celebrity shows, that it`s all about pure nonsense……….. WEll, “mi amiga” Julia Torres , I looked forward to reading more articles..
      Please hang in there and once again “GRACIAS”…..

  2. revolutionarycat March 14, 2016 at 12:54 pm #

    Hi Julia! Thanks first of all for connecting with me on Twitter! ‘Here it is mid-March & I’m just reading your letter, dated October of last year! However, I’m now making it a point , of sharing this letter in as many places online as possible. I realize you sound frustrated, while at the same time I see now, you’re one of our loudest voices taking this message across land and sea. ‘Not to worry Julia, after I’ve just recently integrated myself with my people, after a rather long absence; and after I’ve been feeling the people’s pulse beat first online, & now slowly but surely “on the ground”, my take is that this movement is going to keep on snowballing.

    Quite frankly I wouldn’t worry much about our “farandula” celebs & such. I’ve already seen some rather cynical & hypocritical behavior, from at least one of these so-called celebs you mentioned in your open letter. Myself, I’m putting all my bets on the protagonists of this human drama, our Puerto Rican people that are suffering the most right now everyday, back in the island.

    At the same time however, as I start contacting our people in the diaspora, & I continually monitor news via social media, etc., I’m beginning to get the feeling that something is definitely brewing just over the horizon. As we mobilize, both in social media and “on the ground”, & momentum starts building, I am quite confident that our people will pull through this one, just like they did during the Vieques movement & perhaps even beyond our own expectations.

    The protagonists this time won’t be celebs, basking in the limelight or waving a little Puerto Rican flag, pronouncing some canned phrases about being Puerto Rican . Our people have shown immense talent, courage & resolve in the past, dealing with crises in our troubled history. We have what it takes to confront this challenge head on, I have absolutely no doubt about it. Together we’re going to break new ground, in this historic moment that is fast approaching.

    So Julia, even though we sincerely appreciate your open letter to our so-called “celebs”, we’re telling you now to take heart, & just hold hands with our people, and go forward with us because the sky is the limit, and there’s no turning back for us now.


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