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NEWYORICANGIRL asks “Where’s the Love for Puerto Rico?” via Huff Post Latino Voices…

19 Oct

Huff Post Latino Voices: “Where’s the Love for Puerto Rico?”

An open letter to Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez and Rosie Perez:

This Boricua LOVES all of you and is so proud of your success. BUT, I’m shocked not to have heard from any of you regarding the VERY dire situation in Puerto Rico. If you haven’t heard, the island’s economy is collapsing and many people are fleeing the island after losing their homes, their jobs and their homeland. More than 50% of the children living in Puerto Rico live in poverty and go hungry every, single day. 

NOW is the right time to hear from any one of you to lead our people to a better place. Use your star power to rally the people in demanding that Congress provide the financial assistance that Puerto Rico needs RIGHT NOW. Coordinate a political rally in Washington, D.C. so that President Obama can be held accountable for his complete abandonment of his fellow legal American citizens. Or, collaborate on a song for Puerto Rico! Anything, but do SOMETHING!!

If you found the time to take to your stages and your Twitter accounts to stand with Mexico when the Donald made annoying statements, then WHY aren’t you doing the same for your OWN gente? Please step up Marc and Ricky and Jennifer and Rosie. We support you and have helped you amass your celebrity mega wattage. Now please support us and help Puerto Rico keep the lights on.  NEWYORICANGIRL

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My Forced Adoption Trauma…

11 Oct

The Death & Resurrection of my Spanish Name

Mom as biker chick

I’ve rarely spoken in public about the trauma I suffered when I was forcibly adopted at the age of 14. It broke my heart and stung like hell to learn that my biological father had signed me away; giving in to the relentless two year pursuit of my biological mother’s attorney who hunted my father in Puerto Rico. Mom thought it best to strip me of my beloved Spanish surname in favor of a Jewish one that, overnight, changed the way the world perceived me. I became a hollow shell, while it was demanded that I blend into our White American culture pronto.

Thank you to the Center for Puerto Rican Studies (Centro) at Hunter College in New York for empowering me to share my cautionary tale of one girl’s traumatized adolescence at the hands of the adults around her. I share my story to enlighten and educate others – contentious parents, divorcing couples, unscrupulous attorneys, caregivers, etc. – to think long and hard about how you’re impacting the lives of your/our children due to the fallout of your failed relationships. NEWYORICANGIRL

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