When will it be Puerto Rico’s turn?

17 Dec

P.R. Flags at La Fortaleza

It’s been 6 months since I’ve posted on my Blog here. Back then, I found myself so frustrated with both President Obama and my broader Hispanic community in their lack of concern or leadership on issues related to Puerto Rico that I thought it best to step back for awhile.

Last month (November 2014), when Obama announced his very controversial immigration reform intentions – in part, offering relief and hope to my Mexican brothers and sisters – I found myself resentful because he continued to ignore the injustices committed against his legal American citizens living in Puerto Rico.

I almost posted here about my reaction then, but decided that my post from last June was still exactly how I felt and that I knew that I’d already upset my fellow Hispanics enough. It’s not that I’m not empathetic to their plight. It’s just that I’m offended by their lack of sympathy for ours. 

Now, our President has shocked the Latin community with his news today regarding changes to our foreign relations policies with Cuba. He issued a highly visible statement today at 12noon that said – and I quote – “Let us leave behind the history of colonization.”

Seriously, Mr. President? If you really believe your own rhetoric, then I ask you WHEN will it be Puerto Rico’s turn for you and our Congress to finally set our island free – free from our colonial relationship with the United States? All I’m asking you for is EQUAL voting, just like was granted to Washington, D.C. via the 23rd Amendment. Hasn’t Puerto Rico earned the same respect from you and Congress? Can’t you at least debate a 28th Amendment for my people?

When, Mr. Obama, will you make it your highest priority to demand equal voting rights and representation for your more than 3 million legal American citizens living in Puerto Rico who remain marginalized? Please do not forget my People. We’re watching you, now more than ever. NEWYORICANGIRL

11 Responses to “When will it be Puerto Rico’s turn?”

  1. Anthony December 17, 2014 at 3:37 pm #

    The awnser is easy,, whenever the puertorican people get up from their asses and Demand as ONE to be free of colonization and STOP with the commonwealth bullshit.
    Whenever the Ricans believe the can with the heart and not with their mouth.
    Whenever the learn to respect thenmelves as first american citizens by birth and by law.

  2. Jorge A Rivera December 17, 2014 at 5:17 pm #

    NewyoricanGirl . . .I do agree on Mr Obama’s stand but it is to be expected if you have followed his six (6) years as President. He is a Socialist, can care less for PR, and his only concern has been destroy our standing around the world and trying to make US just another inconsecuntial country in the world.

    The only thing I have against your article is the Photo where you or someone made a light blue triangle and placed it over the dark blue it is supposed to be. That flag with the light blue triangle is the one Independent sympathizers use, including the PPD today. Our official flag has the star in dark blue . . . as Don Luis Muñoz Marin uned in the inauguration of the ELA in 1952.

  3. Lyna December 17, 2014 at 7:37 pm #

    i think you are right….. i mean we Boricuas been fighting for statehood and rights all alone… now by surprise…. the Cuba subject, im really happy for them but…… is not easy to think of the conclusions…of PR…………………………………………Puerto Rico long ago… had the chance to be state hood but…NOT NOW

  4. Maria December 18, 2014 at 3:05 pm #

    Well… I ‘get’ her. I do. However, she seems to not ‘get us’ who don’t agree with her. And that is hardly our fault.

    1- Why does she not know that the Executive Power is not able to do what she wants it to do? Charge Congress with the fault instead.

    2- Why can’t she accept that not everyone sees things like she does?
    I accept that she (and many others) see things differently from me. They begin from different premises, and therefore, end up at different conclusions. This allows me to understand when people take a completely different ‘take’ than I do.

    3- I also would like for everyone to be able to vote & have representation in Congress, for whatever that is worth. But, putting every possible issue into the container called ‘colonialism’ is not helpful. Yes, I know that everyone in PR has heard that word as the culprit for every malaise known to mankind, for decades… I know. However, that alone does not make it a fact.

    4- Why not argue each issue on its own merits? Why not advocate for individual issues as needed? Has her approach been of any use so far?
    Why more of the same then? Oh, because the political careers of many hinge upon this…I see… Solving the problem is not the goal, but perpetuating the issue instead.

    5- Why relate what the US does with anyone else with PR? How useful is it to mix things that are not related in any way? Immigration? A different issue. Diplomatic relations with Cuba? A different issue.

    Mixing issues — and mislabeling them — is not useful, nor leads to a solution.

    • New Yorican Girl December 19, 2014 at 3:37 pm #

      Hello. As to your points, 1) I do charge Congress with the fault – while imploring the POTUS to advocate for us. 2) How do you know that I don’t accept other people’s points of view? You don’t know me and this is my website. 3) Are you Puerto Rican? If so, you must know that the term “colonialism” is strongly associated with Puerto Rico’s territory status. I didn’t bring it up, the President did in his exact quote during the announcement on Cuba. 4) I’m allowed to advocate for Puerto Rico in lump sum or on each individual issue as I see fit as an award-winning Journalist and petition leader for a 28th Amendment. 5) As someone seeking to educate the non-Latino community about how we’re all not the same, this is why I connect issues of immigration (misperceived as a Latino issue – with all of us being lumped in as Mexican) and foreign policy relations with Cuba – who, as a Puerto Rican, I am confused for sometimes. I am TRYING to educate los Gringos for the benefit of my Puerto Rican community. Thank you for sharing your feedback. In the future, please do not judge my entire portfolio of Hispanic Advocacy work so casually, given that you do not know me.

      • Jorge A Rivera December 19, 2014 at 10:49 pm #

        New Yorican Girl, do not pay any attention to what these people do write. To start with, as you say, this is your Blog and you write what yu want. If the, us, do not like it they have two two choices 1) tey can answer explaning their point of view as to why they do not agree with you, agree with you and comment why and . . . 2) just ignore your comments.

        As you know politic in PR is a 24/7/365 day affair. Contrary to here in the States., which is primarily right after the primaries and en withe election day. There are some other ideas but never as we know in PR. However, most people on the island know NOTHING as to how politics work here in the continent. PR is going no place as long as the PPD does not define their ELA Soberano and the we can have a true and fair election as for the political future of the island. Unfortunately most people in Washington and the rest of the US do not know this and the Statehooders have done a lousy job trying to push Statehood in Washington.

        In PR we are getting close to accomplish what I explain above. The next 2 – 4 years are very important. Hopefully I will see the PR desicion for Statehood. God willing. There is some good followers, from all political ideologies in Facebook. Like your Blog there are several pages and Blogs also dedicated to PR political future I have both a page and a Blog in addition to an extra page in Facebook. Visit us . . . join us . . .

      • Carlos J Encarnacion December 20, 2014 at 9:29 pm #

        As the saying goes: “Si logras meter la cabeza, se va el resto…” There are countless Cubanos, Domincanos and Capriles Venezolanos in PR that can vote and most are PNP. That creates an artificial “majority” that wants statehood for the island. Most Boricuas do not! Presidential vote is one more way to approximate statehood, so we, the majority, do not want it, period! If you live in CONUS, fine! Stay there and enjoy your status, you can vote for president and congress and pledge allegiance to the flag, nobody is holding you back. You want to be American? So be it. We do not! Where is our right to reject your American dream? Where is our right to want something different? If you live in CONUS, enjoy your life there and respect our right to think and want something different…

  5. mabodamaca December 20, 2014 at 1:57 pm #

    It’s not Obama’s call. It’s ours. The 3.6 million US citizens who reside in Puerto Rico.

  6. Jose Rodriguez December 21, 2014 at 1:54 pm #

    am sorry 2 all of u what this person is saying it not what we want that I now that Puerto Rico vote 2 be part of the United state not a free place sow please stop saying that

  7. Jorge A Rivera December 21, 2014 at 9:53 pm #

    It is very interesting when people talk without any facts to back them up Take our friend here Carlos J Encanación above . . . he claims that “. . . There are countless Cubanos, Domincanos and Capriles Venezolanos in PR that can vote and most are PNP. That creates an artificial “majority” that wants statehood for the island. Most Boricuas do not . . .”. Where does he get his “facts”. Apparently he has not study PR elecctions nor the people of PR. Or maybe he is one of thos “Pipiolos” that will say anything just to say something knowing is not true. The da the PPD finally DEFINE their ELA No-Territorial and defend it in a Plebiscite . . . Statehood will win with OVER 70% of the votes. THAT IS A FACT. I mean, if you know anything about Puertorrican politics.

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