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NEWYORICANGIRL Named to Top 100 Latina Blogs!

22 Jul


I am honored to have earned the distinction as one of the Top 100 Latina Blogs and appreciate the recognition! I remain passionate about uplifting my fellow Latina sisters via education, encouragement and fellowship. NEWYORICANGIRL ūüôā

Top 100 Latina Blogs

Legal Puerto Rican Singer Pays Price for Anti-Immigration Sentiment…

18 Jul

Governor's Mansion - La Fortaleza

I hate to say it but, I TOLD YOU SO! As a Puerto Rican activist and frequent visitor to members of the U.S. Congress, I’ve been expressing my concern that my legal Hispanic (Puerto Rican) community would pay the price for the anti-immigration sentiment still rampant in in our nation. I have begged Congressional Representatives of Puerto Rican descent to focus more on educating how we Puerto Ricans are different than every other Hispanic nation because of our legal citizenship immediately granted upon our¬†birth.

Because they’re still not listening – and are continuing to play both sides of the fence for their own gain – Marc Anthony, a NEWYORICAN like me, is the latest victim of misguided bias and¬†predjudice¬†by his fellow Americans because he sang “God Bless America” at the MLB All-Star game.

In Puerto Rico, the American flag is flown right next to the flag of Puerto Rico all around the island, just like is customary to do at U.S. state capitol buildings nationwide. Further, both flags are ALWAYS visible at the Governor’s mansion (La Fortaleza, pictured here) in San Juan because we are proud to be a part of the United States, even if our fellow citizens on the mainland presume sometimes that we must be¬†illegal. We are not. We are as American as YOU.

My Puerto Rican community has tried for so long to play nice with the most prominent national Hispanic advocacy organizations – obsessed with the immigration issue – who continue to do absolutely nothing to advocate for Puerto Rico’s issues. Enough is enough, mi¬†gente. One of our most talented and patriotic Boricuas has now come under attack.

It is time for Puerto Ricans to more boldly come together to advocate for our issues and our people, even if that means separating from the collective body of Hispanic organizations who clearly care so little about our island and our people. 

No offense to my other Latino brothers and sisters but, hey? Where you ‘been? Puerto Rico and we Boricuas are getting our ass kicked and you guys are just watching from the sidelines. In the Barrio I come from, that ain’t cool. Please send us a sign that we matter to you. Otherwise, we’ll have no choice but to do our own thing without you. ¬†NEWYORICANGIRL¬†


17 Jul

Julia w: Gina's Mom 7:17:13

When I was abducted and raped at the age of nine years old, I didn’t realize then how lucky I was not to have been killed. Instead, I was released by my rapist but threatened with my life if I ever told anyone. Because of this experience, and because I believe that I must “walk the walk,” I felt compelled to reach out to the family of Gina DeJesus, a victim in the Cleveland Kidnapping Case who was held in captivity for nine years and rescued just two months ago. I visited with her parents today for an hour to offer my support and prayers for Gina’s continued healing. This photo features her mother, Nancy Ruiz, one of the best Puerto Rican role models I have ever met. Nancy described in detail her harrowing experience while her daughter was missing and how she relied on her faith in God to help her take it just one day at a time. I will write much more about my inspiring conversation with her in the days ahead. NEWYORICANGIRL


15 Jul

I received final manuscript approval today and that means my book should be ready for release within the next few weeks! Please stay tuned for details! Thank YOU! NEWYORICANGIRL


4 Jul


Petition for Equal Voting Rights for Puerto Rico

As we celebrate our nation’s democracy and the values we hold dear as Americans, I remain convinced that our U.S. Constitution can withstand the inclusion of ALL of our legal citizens seeking full voting rights. Yet, any American living in Puerto Rico who chooses to claim residency there is automatically banned from voting for their own President of the United States – Hispanic or not. Please remember this the next time you are reciting our nation’s Pledge of Allegiance which states “with Liberty & Justice for ALL.” Help me send a message to Congress that the time has come to enfranchise your fellow Americans so that we can truly be the best example of democracy all throughout the world. NEWYORICANGIRL

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