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NEWYORICANGIRL featured on Huffington Post Live!

2 Oct

I really appreciated the opportunity to speak up for America’s undecided voters today on the Huffington Post Live’s  “Decide Already” debate. To locate it, head to the website link below and (once on the website) scroll down to “Browse Archive” to find the segment.

Many thanks to alternative news outlets like the Huffington Post and the Toledo Free Press who provide us with unique and valuable opportunities for our citizenry to discuss topics essential to our democracy…

Decidedly Undecided!

1 Oct

As a young girl in the South Bronx, I distinctly remember being on the “welfare line” with my grandmother as we were handed our bricks of American cheese and big vats of peanut butter. Years later I would understand that my family had, for a time, relied on the U.S. Government to survive. In gratitude, I decided to become a Democrat and have voted for the democratic candidate for president every time since Jimmy Carter in 1980.

For the first time in my American voting life, I’m not sure I can once again vote for the Democrat in this race. Here is my story…

Toledo Free Press Article – “Decidedly Undecided” – 9/26/12

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