What will Become of Me in My Empty Nest?

18 May

In exactly 21 days, my youngest child will leave my nest. At the ripe old age of 51, I will no longer be raising my children on a daily basis and know I’m now supposed to let them fly. I wonder what will become of me.

I’m more confident that my grown sons will thrive than I am that I’ll emotionally survive their exodus. I am filled with a sense of panic while wondering if I’ve taught them everything they need to know and said all I have to say. In this picture, my 3 beautiful sons are walking into El Morro in Puerto Rico; a sacred place where their ancestors have walked before.

I have shown them their past. I have tried my best to live in the present while raising them; enjoying every exquisite moment I’ve spent with them. I pray they’ll spend their future days never forgetting how much I love them and always believing I did my best as their Momma. NEWYORICANGIRL 

2 Responses to “What will Become of Me in My Empty Nest?”

  1. KCLAnderson (Karen) May 19, 2012 at 10:23 am #

    Congrats to you and your sons! You will continue on and follow your passions and care for yourself, and in doing so you will be setting a great example for your sons…showing them the kind of relationship they should have with themselves and their future (or current) partners. Godspeed to you on this new and exciting chapter in your life!

    • New Yorican Girl May 21, 2012 at 12:32 pm #

      Thank you, Karen for your very inspiring response. I believe I’ll need many pep talks during my transition and appreciate everyone’s support 🙂

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