Fox News reports Puerto Ricans outraged by CNN debate…

24 Feb

In my last post I mentioned how annoyed I was with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer for glazing over a question posed regarding the statehood question for Puerto Rico during last month’s Republican debate in Florida . Glad to see I’m not alone. While it shouldn’t surprise any of us that this news story was filed by Fox News (the conservative news outlet and major CNN competitor), it may surprise you to find out that the political parties in Puerto Rico do not correlate with the American 2 party system. Rather, in P.R. the political parties are based on their position regarding statehood. Thus, the fact that the current Governor of Puerto Rico is pro-statehood defines him as a Republican in the eyes of Puerto Ricans living on the island, regardless of his position on any other political issues.

So, when Puerto Ricans tuned in to watch the Republican CNN debate in Florida, we figured the statehood question was a pretty big deal especially given the island’s current leader and the upcoming statehood referendum in November. To watch CNN’s Wolf Blitzer rudely minimize the posed question was truly insulting to more than 8 million U.S. citizens, especially while Puerto Ricans politely watch the Illegal Immigration issue rehashed at almost every single debate. NEWYORICANGIRL asks this question…how can our country fix our broken immigration system, while the media continues to ignore the essential question of what to do about Puerto Rico’s status and, while the U.S. Congress continues to ban its own citizens from voting for their own President of these great United States? Check out the Fox News article below…

Fox News reports Puerto Ricans outraged by CNN debate…

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